Wednesday, September 9, 2009

June :o)

Logan spotted this Thomas pop up playtent at a store, and it was only $20. marked down from $45. so I grabbed it. It's really big, he loves it! 
The weather really sucked in June, so we did a lot of baking. We made these ice cream sandwiches. I won't make them again though, rice krispies treats don't go well with ice cream, they make them too hard. 

We also made these cookies, I think they were called princess puffs, these both came out of one of Alexis' cookbooks. 


Trying to catch up to September here, so I'll post a few from each month. Alexis' birthday was May 13, my baby girl turned six!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Easter weekend...

My Mom bought Logan this Thomas book, he LOVES it.

Easter weekend in NH

We spent Easter weekend @ my parents house in NH. The weather was beautiful except for one rainy day.

Finally warm enough for the park! :o)

Wow, I suck LOL!

I do have some pictures to finally add though, starting back at St. Patricks Day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a few pics

These are just a few pics from last week. We were at Alexis' friends birthday party, it was gorgeous outside, so the kids got to play outside.

Her bangs are really driving me nuts, she wants to grow them out, and she wears these elastic headbands and the bangs stick straight up behind it. @@

Logan's hair is a mess too! This is how it is growing in from when I buzzed it a few months ago.